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CSED Week: CodeFest

CSED Week: CodeFest

Create apps. Build robots. Design stories. Explore new technologies during CodeFest. Then join us at 1pm to present your work on stage during Capstone! Mentors will be available to assist with troubleshooting for projects, too.

Hands on stations with robots, coding and more! 
All ages welcome. Registration recommended, not required.

Saturday, Dec 8 2018
10:00am - 12:00pm
Boulder Creek Room
Main Library
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  STEAM     CSEd - Computer Science Education     Classes & Activities  
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This event is part of Boulder Computer Science Education Week, December 1-8, 2018.

Boulder CSED Week CodeFest presenters:

Control a robot with BlocklyProp led by Parallax
Activate robot Cubelets with ModRobotics
STEAM comes to life with CU Science Discovery
Experience robot conversations with Toys2Life
Create commands for Misty with Misty Robotics
Test a superconductor that makes fusion possible with Horne Technologies
Free Robot Playtime with the BiBli 3.0 built by kids with ROBAUTO
Construct and program robots with Kids2Glow
Make a working app with Bitsbox
Build a serial vs. parallel circuit race with NCAR
Design 3D games with AgentSheets
Paint with sound with CU Boulder
Build LEGOs with motors with Play-Well TEKnologies
Command Questbot with blocks with Questbotics

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Create apps. Code robots. Design stories. Explore new technologies, new programming languages and environments, meet robots, try coding, engage with problem solving and gadgets. Meet extraordinary people of all ages doing amazing things during Boulder CSED Week.

Boulder CSED = free Computer Science Education programs for everyone at your library, school and tech partner organizations.

We have code at our fingertips as we drive our cars, check the news on a laptop, or message a friend with our cell phones. Boulder CSED Week invites learners of all ages (adults, school aged kids, and even pre-schoolers) to consider code and create with it! Experience robots, and control them with code, make a block based program or write out coded instructions, learn how to code a new device or make an app, visit with a robot at story time, and more! All of Boulder CSED Week’s program are free and open to the public. Programs are hosted by local experts, educators, and makers, and inspiring technologies offer pathways for code-learners of all levels of experience. Some programs ask for pre-registration. Join us - create with code for this year’s Boulder CSED week!

Volunteer. Present. Build, test, experiment. Solve tricky bugs. Be a code creator!

We are delighted to host programs with these awesome partners who volunteer their time for Boulder CSED 2018!

Code Raspberry Piget started with VR, and learn Processing with SparkFun
Jump, shake and roll with Sphero
Start coding by simply writing words with Workbench Education
Make action figures talk with Toys2Life
Blocks code, robots move with Questbotics
Hack a robot with ROBAUTO
Design 3D games with AgentCubes
Erect LEGO robots with Play-Well TEKnologies
Voice command Dash and Dot with CU Science Discovery
Assemble and code robots with Kids2Glow
Educators code robots with Blockly led by Parallax
Explore Boulder data with Art of Data
Create 3D CAD models with SketchUp
Play with Robots and Program an Hour of Code Dance Party with MindSpark Learning
Think like a robot with ModRobotics
Work on any project you wish with Youth Maker Hangout
Fashion a light up card with Boulder Public Library
Construct a 3D printed object with BLDG61
Enjoy robot storytimes with Boulder Public Library

We're grateful for the sponsorship generosity of ROBAUTO, Texas Instruments, Makey Makey, Bitsbox, Scratch, Workbench, Parallax, ArcBotics, Google, BrieBug, SparkFun, Galvanize, BrieBug, FitBot, Kids2Glow, Maker Boulder, and the Boulder Library Foundation for making CSED Week possible!