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Mobile Earth + Space Observatory Sun Party

Mobile Earth + Space Observatory Sun Party In-Person

The Mobile Earth + Space Observatory (MESO) and our enthusiastic scientist educators provide immersive science experiences for participants to get their hands and minds directly on authentic science concepts like weather, climate, astronomy and renewable energy.  These learning opportunities happen at the MESO vehicle, as well as in the adjacent tents bursting with science experiences.

MESO will also have solar telescopes and sun spotters to observe sunspots and prominences while safely looking at our sun! 

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Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation.

Saturday, Feb 11 2023
10:00am - 2:00pm
Meadows Branch Meeting Room, Meadows Branch

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Using an augmented reality sandbox visitors will create their own topography, identify and explore the concepts of watersheds. They will explore the mountains and valleys of our unique headwater state interacting with a high quality hands-on relief map. Or discover the spectroscopy tent while wearing diffraction glasses, to bring alive the gas spectrum tubes and incandescent light and explore the nature of color.  Consider sources of visible and non-visible light along the electromagnetic spectrum. Engage with infrared cameras, consider the relationship of light and heat, and discover different materials which can or cannot pass visible and infrared light. 


The library hosts STEAM programs for all ages all year long. STEAM Week highlights the library's STEAM offerings and invites learners of all ages to design, create, test, and innovate with science, technology, engineering, arts, and math! Make simple circuits, code, create games, and enjoy robot storytime. All of STEAM Week’s programs are free and open to the public, including adults, teens, youth, and even pre-schoolers.

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