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Sound Journey Meditations with Creativity Alive

Sound Journey Meditations with Creativity Alive In-Person

Loving Beyond the Veils: "Snake, Gongs and Voice" Healing Sound Journey Meditation

Listen and unwind on All Hallow's Eve with Creativity Alive. Part of a series of Sound Journey Meditations with Merlyn Holmes and a range of wonderful guest artists. Instruments include an array of gongs, ngoni, voice, flutes, bass, cello, bells, kora, saxophones, and percussion. Check www.CreativityAlive.org for a list of carefully selected artists participating in each session.

Chairs and some yoga mats provided if you would like to lie down for the journey. Or bring your own, plus any blankets or pillows to make yourself comfortable. 

Occurs on the third Tuesday of each month at the George Reynolds Branch and last Monday of each month at the Meadows Branch. June through October, 2022.

Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation.

Monday, Oct 31 2022
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Meadows Branch Meeting Room, Meadows Branch

  Performances & Presentations  

Founder of Creativity Alive, Merlyn Holmes, will play large Chinese Wind Gongs and Ngoni, some solo and some with other wonderful musicians including Ken Bernstein, James Marienthal, Richard Turco, and more. Enjoy a wide array of instruments from flutes, bass, cello, saxophone, and an 8-foot long instrument made from a railroad tie and piano strings, called "The Snake."

Glimpse a past sound journey: youtu.be/oGdaC84rD5s   

Musicians and instrumentation are being carefully and delectably considered for each week. See updates on www.CreativityAlive.org and sign up for direct invites, reminders, and updates to these or other Creativity Alive events, all designed To Inspire Creativity & To Build Community.