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Seed Saving Swap

Calling all gardeners, soon-to-be gardeners, and seed-savers! Come learn about beginner seed-saving techniques, chat with native plant and gardening experts, and trade your saved vegetable, flower, and native plant seeds. Homegrown seeds and unopened packets of commercially produced seed are welcome. This program is part of several Seed to Table events and services at the library that focus on sustainable living. https://boulderlibrary.org/seed-to-table/

Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation.

Wednesday, Aug 29 2018
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Boulder Creek Room
Main Library
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Colorado Seed Law requires that this information be present on every package of homegrown seed exchanged (tags with these fields will be available at the swap to fill out):

Kind/Type: the type of plant, i.e. “tomato” or “cucumber”

Variety, common and Latin name: the specific variety, ex: “Brandywine Heirloom slicing tomato” or Latin name. If not known, indicate VNS: variety not stated. Note: it is not legal to swap PVP (plant variety protected) seeds.

Date the seeds were harvested and packed: seeds older than 2-4 years should NOT be swapped as viability and germination rate decreases over time.

Location Grown: city and state where seeds were grown and harvested.

Noxious weeds: Seeds from the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s list of prohibited noxious weeds cannot be distributed or allowed to contaminate other seeds. Please indicate by checking box that no known noxious weed weeds are in your seed package. List of prohibited weeds is available for reference.


Helpful information to include (not required):

Organic or Conventional: what were the growing methods for this plant?

Planting instructions: seed depth and spacing.

Description or additional information specific information about this plant such as sunlight needs, days to germination and maturity, growth habit (annual, perennial, determinate, indeterminate, bush, pole, etc.), descriptions of appearance or taste, and tips about how to propagate and grow it successfully. This is also where below-standard germination would be listed (if below 70%).


Please note: this event is “swapper beware” and Boulder Public Library takes no responsibility for the quality of the seeds swapped or whether seed swappers have adhered to CDA regulations and state seed law.